My Experiences With Photo Booths

As many people know, not all cameras are the same. While I expected most professional photo booth companies to use about the same quality equipment, I have recently learned this is not the case. At The Event Consultants we often receive questions about the cheaper photo booth packages online, and I wanted to know myself why the bargain companies have such cheap packages. After experiencing one myself, I thought I’d share my thoughts with everyone. When you and your guests use the photo booth at an event, you may not think about the different aspects that make each photo booth rental different. Is your photo booth tech using new or old photo paper? Is there a custom logo or design on your prints? What type of lighting is being used? What type of print are you receiving? Are you able to get unlimited prints? And, to me this is most important, does your package come with an online gallery of these images?

I prefer to use the term “photo booth tech” over photo booth “assistant”. At The Event Consultants, when we rent out our photo booths, we do not just send out an assistant to ensure the lines are moving along with the photo booths. We actually send out our photographers who are trained technicians who know how to troubleshoot any issue that may come up with the photo booth equipment. Our technicians always come to events with an abundant amount of paper rolls, so you can ensure you and your guests will be able to take as many pictures as you want! 

Another plus of using our photographers as your photo booth technicians, their professional lighting equipment is included in the rental package! The importance of lighting is best shown with examples. You can clearly see the quality difference of these two images… the first of myself and my fiance was from one of the bargain photo booth companies in the area. The second myself and our photographer KT in a photo booth from The Event Consultants.
Both pictures of these prints were taken with a phone in the same lighting, both of these photo booths had gold backdrops in person. Click the images to see the full prints.

Budget photo booth sample/poor quality

“Bargain” photo booth prints. Click to view full size!
Notice the colors on the image, only printed in strips,
digital background is not in high resolution on print.

Professional quality photo booth from The Event Consultants

The Event Consultants photo booth prints. Click to view full size!
Vivid colors on the image, 4×6 print,
digital background high resolution on print.

While some companies only offer photo booth strips (to save on paper), we always prefer to provide our clients with 4″x6″ prints. The images come out larger, and you’re able to customize the background more! Speaking of customized backgrounds, our graphic designers will contact you 1-2 weeks prior to your event to ensure your prints are custmomized specifically for you and your event! We can give you great examples of past work, you can give us examples of what you’re looking for, or we can replicate almost any background available!  

I believe the online gallery is extremely important, because almost everyone uses social media! Everyone loves sharing images with their family and friends. I even used a picture from a photo booth as my Save the Date! If our package didn’t come with an online gallery, my image wouldn’t have been high enough quality to create these prints.

Being able to provide our clients with the best possible event always brings us so much joy and pride. We’d love to help you with your next event and photo booth rental!