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One Stop Shopping for Weddings!

One stop shopping helps you save time, and money while planning your wedding! Check out how we save our couple over $1,000!

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Booking Your Wedding Venue

While I do not consider myself an expert, I have been to quite a few venues, and helped friends find their venues. So hopefully my experience can help you out! First things first, your budget. Have an open conversation with all parties that are going to be assisting in helping pay for the wedding. It’s best to have realistic expectations before you fall in love with a venue that is thousands of dollars out of your price range. I’ll also be making a post ALL about budgeting for your wedding, so keep your eyes peeled for that! What’s most important...

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My Experiences With Photo Booths

Are photo booths really that different? Ensure you and your guests receive the best quality photos by using our helpful tips.

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