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Theme party ideas, decorations and unique party themes great for any type of party or corporate team building event! Our coordinators can provide everything from the props and games to the themed characters and face painting! Below are just a few of our most popular choices, but we can gladly put on any themed event you or your guests have in mind!


|Beach Decor|

Perfect for any beach event!

Beach Decor 1_sm
Beach Decor 6_sm
Beach Decor 2_sm
Beach Decor 3_sm

Our Surfing Santa is the perfect Holiday addition to this theme!


|Casino Decor|






We have great packaged deals for our Casino Night rentals!

|Gatsby 1920’s Decor|

Perfect for any event!

Gatsby Decor 10_sm
Gatsby Decor 5_sm
Gatsby Decor 9_sm
Gatsby Decor 7_sm

Our 1920’s Dancers are the perfect addition to this theme!


|Hawaiian Luau Decor|

Perfect for team building, graduations, bat/bar mitzvahs, and any kind of party!

Luau Decor 3_sm

Luau Decor 2_sm

Luau Decor 7_sm

Luau Decor 5_sm

Our Team Building Events and Games are the perfect addition to this theme!


|Hollywood Decor|

Perfect for awards ceremonies, bat/bar mitzvahs, and parties!

Hollywood Decor 2_sm

Hollywood Decor 1_sm
Hollywood Decor 11_sm

Hollywood Decor 12_sm

Our Hollywood Dancers are the perfect addition to this theme!


|Sports Decor|

Perfect for summer events, bat/bar mitzvahs, and parties!

Sports Decor 6
Sports Decor 1_sm
Sports Decor 4_sm
Sports Decor 5

Our Arcade Games are the perfect addition to this theme!


|Inflatable Party Tent|

The Inflatable Tent Perfect For Any Occasion
If you’re looking for something special to liven up your next party or celebration, look no further! Our inflatable tent will help you stand out from the crowd and add a bit of excitement to the mix.

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|More Themes and additions!|

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