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Team Building Events

The Longest Chain Game

Team Building

The Event Consultants team designs team building workshops to accomplish your goals in an atmosphere where learning is fun! Our events are versatile enough to inspire new teams while boosting the morale of existing ones. Our games build management skills, develop teamwork, and teach communication and listening skills, while renewing company spirit and motivation. Our workshops create a risk free environment where people learn “theory through practice”, discovering their potential in a creative, non-threatening way. We ensure that participants will become fully involved in teamwork.


Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader – Video Demo


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Team Building
Team Building

Let our “coaches” and “cheerleaders” lead and motivate your company though some fun family picnic style games. Relay races where no one runs! Instead; put on gloves, try and open a package of gum, chew it and pass the gloves on! Write your own company cheer and perform in for the group. We have a very wide variety of creative games that will make you laugh as you engage in friendly competition.


Team Building
Team Building

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Theme Parties, Props and Decor

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Theme party ideas, decorations and unique party themes great for any type of party or corporate team building event! Our coordinators can provide everything from the props and games to the themed characters and face painting! Below are just a few of our most popular choices, but we can gladly put on any themed event you or your guests have in mind!

Western Party Photo and Info

Beach Party Photo and Info

Pirate Party Photo and Info

Picnic Party Photo and Info