The Easter Bunny at the Marbella Country Club

Fun with The Easter Bunny!

As you drive up to this gorgeous country club in San Clemente, there is a luxurious white clubhouse overlooking a fabulous golf course that stretches as far as the eye can see! The Easter Bunny was a huge hit with both the children and adults. There was a young brother and sister who would love to ask her questions like “are you a boy or a girl bunny?”, but all she could do was “boop” the little girl on the nose. Her brother said “OH! She’s a girl!!” She had everyone giggling! Even the staff got some photos taken! They all loved the Easter Bunny!

Our experienced Bunny, who plays many roles within our company, loves her job so much she said she couldn’t help but smile under the costume when posing for pictures with the kids!

As usual, Monique from The Marbella Country Club, was such a delight. Her new little one, Max, got a picture with the Bunny too! We love working with her and her amazing staff!

Easter Bunny at the Marbella Country Club

Easter Bunny at Marbella Country Club