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EC Palm Reader


Palm Reader, Tarot Cards, Handwriting Analysis, Fortune Telling

Our Palm Reader can add fun and unique entertainment for your guests, no matter what theme your party is! Our fortunes are always positive and uplifting for you and your guests. We also provide face/lipstick readings, numerology, Chinese astrology, aura readings, and Coffee Bean Readings! Gypsy and all kinds of other costumes to fit the theme of the Event. Also, she will bring a Crystal Ball and other decorations for the table as well as plenty of coffee and coffee cups for the coffee grains readings.

Past clients include:
Universal Studios (7 years), numerous corporations and restaurants – Bybilos, Fantasia, Dar Maghreb, Marakesh & more!
Provided psychic readings at the events for Antonio Banderas, Barbara Streisand, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal, Tory Spelling & more!




Palm Reader Judy 1

Judy the Fortune Teller

Looking for that special entertainment for your party?
Will fortune smile on your event?

Celebrate a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion by hiring a fortune teller for the party guests’ amusement. Some of the most popular forms include the reading of cards, crystals or palms, numerology, and astrology. Give each party guest an opportunity to have their fortune told and see what their future holds. When hiring a professional fortune teller, do the necessary homework to find the top fortune teller in the local area.

Palm Reader Judy 2