Bryce’s Rock Band

Bryce’s Rock Band is a four piece band, Guitar and lead vocal, Keyboards, Bass, and Drums. They play a large sum of Classic Rock, including Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Beatles, Doobie Brothers, Doors, Tom Petty, and extend into the 80’s with Bryan Adams, Elvis Costello, Devo, and into the current scene with Santana’s “Smooth,” “This Love by Maroon 5,” “Walking on the Sun,” by Smash Mouth, Sublime, U2, and other favorites. Friends like to dance to their performance of “Brick House,” by Commodores, “Play that Funky Music,” by Wild Cherry, “Taking Care of Business,” by BTO, and “What I Like About You,” by Romantics and more. Bryce’s Rock Band’s variety and enthusiasm can only rub off onto others and create fun for their festive events.

Bryce’s Rock Band’s lead singer Bryce also performs as a one man band!

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