EC Irish Band

EC Irish Band


The Band

NEJ-Port1Vocals, percussion, hardshoe
JPM-port2.31Acoustic guitar, didgeridoo, drums, vocals
port1.2smalFlutes, whistles, pipes, vocals
port2Bass, percussion, vocals
While on our travels, we met a musician who asked us what kind
of music we played. “Scottish and Irish,” we said.
“So, do you sing ballads?” he asked.
“No. We don’t sing ballads.”
“Do you do rebel songs?”
“No, we don’t do rebel songs.”
“Do you sing drinking songs?”
“No. We don’t sing drinking songs.”
He looked baffled. “But what else is left?”

What’s left is a wealth of joyous jigs, songs of love and loss, Faustian deals and toe-tapping reels. Top that with four-part harmony, rhythmic dancing, instruments from around the globe, a good dose of humor


EC Irish Dancers

The EC Irish Band loves playing jigs and reels, and nothing makes these traditional dance tunes more exciting than having the band joined by traditional dancers. With their colorful costumes, high kicks, and bouncy curls, these young dancers dazzle.

Whether working with a local area dance group or an nationally recognized Irish Dance company, the blending of music and dance is always a delight to experience.