EC Cowboy

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Trick Roper 7

Our Cowboy is part of a husband and wife team that does the whole works, with props, DJ with Country Western Line Dancing, Trick Roping, Gun Spinning & more!

EC Cowboy is the perfect choice for your upcoming Western Theme Event! He specializes in Trick Roping, gun spinning, bull whip & whip cracking & audience participation. He can talk about the history of the Cowboy life and has done educational programs as well. He will also pose and take photos with you and your guests

Trick Roper 4

Trick Roper 6 Trick Roper 5

We can also have our Cowboys and Cowgirls DJ for your event!


The interest and heritage of the American West will always live on. The Event Consultants has extensive experience in creating Western Adventures.

Specialty Acts: Trickroping and Bullwhip Entertainment Showcase

Educational Programs: Cowboy Historical Presentation, California Gold Rush Workshop

Expert Training – Film & Stage: Trickroping and Whip Cracking
Western Activities
World’s Best Western Talent