EC Bluegrass Band

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EC Blue Grass Group

The EC Bluegrass band is a progressive bluegrass band which seamlessly blends folk, rock and pop influences into their original, inventive music…


“[This] Band’s approach is modern and genre-bending applying bluegrass accents to songs steeped in contemporary folk and country, with hints of rock, blues and pop as well. The group’s prime strength is an instrumental attack founded on inventive, dramatic arrangements, full of pregnant pauses and resonant chording, and keyed by fiery, fluid soloing on banjo and guitar.”
Los Angeles Times

“I have great respect for musicians who live in the future, mavericks who write their own music and follow their own muse. A banjo-player, singer and songwriter, he creates modernistic music. Because they don’t have Appalachian roots, these musicians use bluegrass instruments to create their own enchanting and cohesive repertoire with folk, rock and pop influences… Knowing no sideboards, they have great opportunity to explore and innovate.”
Joe Ross, North County News, Bluegrass Now, SPBGMA Music, Old Time Herald News

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