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Disc Jockey/Pianist -John
John started out his career as a pianist. When he turned 6, his love for music took him on the beginning of his journey of singing and learning how to play every instrument and percussion. The natural progression was to entertain on the turntables as well! After moving to SoCal 10 years ago from Kansas, he continued doing weddings and corporate events, also working his way into Hollywood–where he has played at most of the hottest clubs in the LA/OC area! He was taught not to call himself “just” a DJ or MC, since that is not all that he does–instead he is an Event Specialist! Having performed at some of the finest events in the world, DJ John can handle any type of venue, from casual to formal. His experience has given him the ability to “read” a crowd in just a few minutes and get your party jumping in no time.

John is a real DJ. Some DJs simply fade from track to track, interrupting the beat and killing the dance floor. He knows how to scratch and beat mix your favorite songs together. Not only that, but he’s a master at mash-ups! He can take your favorite 80s track and “mash” it with your current favorite–seamlessly! Especially at his club and Vegas events, he is known for his live beat mixing and creativity, which he will bring to your party to give it the feel of a real dance club! When the beat continues almost non-stop, your guests will lose track of time and dance the night away. His DJ talents will have your guests talking about how fun your event was for years to come…Our goal is to make each event as fun as possible. His musical knowledge and spinning expertise will make that goal become a reality. If you and your guests are looking to have a great time and dance the night away, then we have your DJ!

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