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The California Jazz Band is a very talented band including a large variety of instruments, and many different types of musical styles. Enrico himself plays Tenor, Alto and Soprano Saxophone, as well as the Flute, Alto Flute, and Piccolo.

This Jazz band is able to meet your entertainment needs. His styles include Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Latin, and Show Tunes. He can speak Spanish, Italian, and a variety of East Coast dialects.

The Rocketeer, For The Boys, Mobsters, Harlem Nights, The Marryin’ Man, Mambo Kings’ Sing Love Songs, The Last Boy Scout, & Beaches. Hotel, Love Boat, Airwolf, Spies, Dynasty, Charmings, Falcon Crest, Amazing Stories, Dallas, Mr. Belvedere, Who’s The Boss, & Mafia Wives.

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