Accordionist Kelley & Kelley’s German Band

Kelley has a huge repetoire of music including, German, Czech, Irish, Italian, French, etc. She plays a Roland V Accordion, the 8X and 4X, midi to a Roland BK7M module – a one woman band complete with vocals. You will hear a variety of music from the 30’s to the present – foxtrot, waltz, swing, rhumba, cha cha cha, tango, samba, mambo, salsa, west coast swing, country, line dancing, well you get the picture. This is all LIVE. No tapes, mp3’s, cd’s. LIVE. If you have not heard an accordion in a number of years you have to hear the Roland FR8X or 4X V accordion.
Need a strolling accordionist? Yes, she can do that also!

Kelley also can provide a duo, trio or quartet for Octoberfest time. Octoberfest costume of course!

Kelley can also dress in French attire!

Accordion 2
Accordion 1


Accordion Hank
We have the perfect German “Oompah” band for your next Oktoberfest party. They consist of an accordion player, tuba, and either a clarinet or banjo, and they have the traditional attire to make your event even more authentic and fun!

Hank is also a “one man band” with more than 50 years of experience! He also does Italian music on accordion, and can also sing and play the piano. He has worked for Lancomb, and has worked at Disneyland.